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Compound Words

Spelling and defining compound words that are closed or hyphenated.

outdoorsthe world outside houses and other buildings
cardboarda piece of stiff heavy paper
baby-sittera person who cares for children when their parents are not at home
doorwaythe opening that is closed by a door
flashlighta small electric light that is usually held in the hand
upstairsup the steps or on an upper floor
backgroundthe part of a picture or scene behind the main part
make-believenot real
networka system of connected lines, wires, routes, or structures
keyboarda set of keys in rows
lifegaurda person who works at a pool or beach to protect swimmers
earthquakea very strong shaking or rolling of the ground
elsewherein another place; not here
Thanksgivinga national holiday in which people give thanks by feasting and prayer
vice-presidentan officer of a business or an organization who ranks just below the president

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