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vocab for chap 2

quiz on terms and must know about the physical process that shape the earth

geologythe study of the structure of the Earth or another planet, in particular its rocks, soil, and its hisory and origins
crustthin, solid outer layer of the earth
% of water on earth70%
islandland surrounded by water
isthmusnarrow connecting strip of land that joins 2 larger areas of land
deltaa triangular deposit of sand and soil at the mouth of a river or inlet
lakelarge body of water surrounded by land
magmamolten rock
faultsdisplacement in earth's crust
Continental Drift Theorya theory that explains the formation, alteration and extremely alow movement of the continents across the earth's crust. The continents are thought to have been formed from 1 large landmass that split, drifted apart, and then collided again
Convectiontransfer of heat through a fluid, liquid, or gass
Converging (2 types)approuching each other
corethe center of the earth that is made of moltenrock, and an alloy of iron and nickel
continentslarg, continuous landmass that constitute most of the dry land on the surface of the earth
4 major types of landformsmountains, volcanos, plateaus, buttes
archipelagoa group or chain of islands
peninsulastrip of land projecting into water
gulfinlet of sea
butteflat topped hill
lavamolten rock flowing 4rm a volcano
plate tectonicstheory that ascribes continental drift, volcanic and seismic activity, and the formation of mountain belts to moving plates of the earth's crust supported on less rigid mantle rocks
Sea Floor Spreadingtheory that suggests that the ocean floor is always moving
spreadingthe extension, diffusion, or distribution of something over an area, range, or time
mantlecentral part of earth between crust n' core
reliefelecations of land
straitchannel joining 2 seas
volcanoa mountain created by the despoition and accumulation of materials ejected from a vent in a center crater
soundwide channel
canyondeepn narrow valley w/steep sides
volvanismvolcanic activity
foldsbend in rock
Pangeahypothetical ancient supercontinent that included all of the earth's major landmasses
Rift Valleyvalley formed by faults
subductonslide under and adjoining tectonic plate
Ring of Firearea that has many volcanos in shape i huge ring


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