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vocab 4 english #1

english english english englosh engleesh englush englash englyshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

abaselower; humiliate
abdicaterenounce;give up
abeyancesuspended action
abhordestest; hate
abominateloathe; hate
abortiveunsuccessful; fruitless
abrogateto ablolish
absconddepart secretely and hide.
absolvepardon (an offense).
abstinencerestraint from eating or drinking
accessoryadditional object; useful but not essential thing.
acclivitysharp upslope of a hill
accoladeaward of merit.
accomplicepartner in crime
accostaproach and speak first to a person.
accretiongrowth; increase
accruecome about by addition.
acidulousslightly sour; sharp; caustic
acmetop; pinnacle
acousticsscience of sound; quality that makesa room easy or hard to hear in.
acquiescentaccepting passively.
acquittaldeliverance from a charge.
acridsharp; bitterly pungent
acrimoniousstinging; caustic.
acumenmental keeness.
adagewise saying; proverb.
adamenthard; inflexible.
addlerotten; muddled; crazy

Uyen Duong

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