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latin vocabulary

barbae tenus sapientesknow-it-alls
beatus ille qui procul negotiismove to Vermont
belua multorum capitumthe multitude
bene merenti (merentibus)to the well-deserving
bis vincit qui se vincit in victoriacon't crow
bonis quod bene fit haud peritwhatever is done for good men is never lost
bonus vir semper tiroalways willing to learn
brevis oratio penetrat coeluma brief prayer reaches Heaven
calceus major subvertitdon't get too big for your britches
candida paxradiant peace
capistrum maritalethe woes of matrimony
caput inter nubila conditshe hides her head among the clouds
carmen triumphalea song of triumph
causa latet, vis est notissimathe cause is hidden, its force is very well known
cave tibi a cane muto et aqua silentibeware of a silent dog and still water
certamina divitiarumstrivings after wealth
cicatrix manetthe memory lingers on
circulus in probandocircular reasoning
clarum et venerabile nomenan illustrious and venerable name
colubrem in sino fovereto cherish a serpent in one's bosom
componere litesto settle disputes
conjunctis viribusin complete cooperation
consilio et animisby wisdom and courage
consuetudo pro lege servaturcustom is observed as law
contra mundumagainst the world
coram paribusbefore equals
corruptio optimi pessimacorruption of the best is worst
cras credemus, hodie nihiltomorrow we'll believe, today not
crede ut intelligasbelieve so that you may understand
crescit sub pondere virtusvirtue grows under oppression
genus est mortis male viverebehave yourself
Graecia capta ferum victorem cepitcaptive Greece took captive its uncivilized victor
graviora manentthe worst is yet to come
habet et musca splenumeven the worst of us can be irritable
haud passibus aequiswith unequal steps
hic funis nihil attraxitthis line has taken nothing
hoc habethe's had it
homini ne fides nisi cum quo modicum salis absumpseristake y;our time judging people
homo nullius colorisan uncertain quantity
honos habet onushonor carries responsibility
ibit eo quo vis qui zonam perdidithe who pays the piper may call the tune
ignavis semper feriae suntto the lazy it's always holiday time
illotis manibusunprepared
impos animifeeble-minded
in arena aedificasbuilding castles in the air
in Deo speramusin God we hope
ingens telum necessitasnecessity is the mother of invention
in oculis civiumin public
in silvam ligna ferreto carry coals to Newcasstle
intra verba peccareto offend in words only
scribendi recte sapere est et prncipium et fonsknowledge is the foundation and source of good writing
semper avarus egeta greedy man is always in need
sensu bonoin a good sense
servabo fidemI will keep the faith
si hic esses, aliter sentiresif you were here, you would think otherwise
sine cortice natareto swim without cork (need no assistance)
sine macula et rugawithout stain or wrinkle
si vis ad summum progredi, ab infimo ordiriIf you want to reach the top, start at the bottom
spem pretio non emoI do not pay money for hope
splendide mendaxnobly untruthful (for a good purpose)
stant belli causaethe causes of war remain
stemmata quid faciunt?of what value are pedigrees?
stultum facit fortuna quem vult perderefortune makes a fool out of the man she wants to destroy
sublata causa, tollitur effectusonce the cause is removed, the effect disappears
sunt bona, sunt quaedam mediocria, sunt mala plurasome things are good, some are middling, but more are bad
suppressio veri, suggestio falsisuppression of truth is suggestion of falsehood
suum cuiqueto each his own
tam Marte quam Mercurioas much by fighting as by business
tantum religio potuit suadere malorumsuch evil deeds could religion prompt
tempore felici, multi numerantur amiciwe can count many friends when we are successful
timor mortis morte peiorthe fear of death is worse than deathj
truditur dies dieone day presses on another
ubi panis ibi patriawhere you eat that's your country
uni aequus virtuti atque eius amicisfriendly to virtue alone
uno ictuwith one blow
usus est tyrannuscustom is a tyrant
ut sementem feceris ita metesas ye sow, so shall ye reap
venalis populus, venalis curia patrumevery man has his price
venit summa dies et ineluctabile tempusthat day has come and the inescapable moment
verbera, sed audibeat me but hear me out
a verbis ad verberafrom words to blows
bellum internecinuma murderous war
bene decessithe has died well
bene meritushaving well deserved
bene qui latuit bene vixithe has lived well who has lived in obscurity
bis peccare in bello non licetto mistake twice in war is not allowable
blandae mendacia linguaelies of a flattering tongue
boni principii finis bonusof a good beginning a good ending
bos in linguaan ox on the tongue
caecus amor suiblind self love

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