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Fossil Games

Learn about fossils and how animals have
changed over time.

competitionstruggle among organisms for resources
era1 of the major divisions of geologic time
evolutionthe idea that all living things are descended from earlier forms of life..
extinctionthe disappearance of a species from the earth
cast fossilafossil formed when minerals from rock move into and harden within the space left by a decaying organism
domesticatedtamed and/or bred to serve people's purposes
mold fossila fossil consisting of a hollow space in the shape of an organism
natural selectionthe process by which the fittest living things survive and pass on their characteristics to their offspring
paleontologistscientist who studies fossils
petrificationchanging of the hard parts of a dead organism into stone
selective breedingbreeding of living things to produce offspring with certain characteristics
fossilthe remains or traces of a living thing,often preserved in rock
mutationa change in a gene that can result in a new characteristic or trait in offspring
perioda division of geologic time that is shorter than an era

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