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European Literature Vocab #2

abscond(v) escape; run off; flee
virulent(adj) excessively hateful, intensely bitter or spiteful
enigmatic(adj) puzzling; mysterious; baffling
feign(v) pretend; to put on false appearance
depredate(v) plunder; ravage; steal; loot; pillage; sack
gregarious(adj) sociable; friendly; extroverted
histrionic(adj) theatrical, overly dramatic; exaggerated
humanist(n) one who believes in the importance of the individual
illicit(adj) illegal; forbidden
immutable(adj) not changable; constant
ludicrous(adj) absurd; foolish; ridiculous
lull(v) to cause to feel a false sense of security; to put to sleep
marauder(n) burglar; plunderer
malaise(n) depression, melancholy
nominal(adj) small; insignificant; in name only
redress(v) to set right; change
sophistry(adj) lack of imagination, literalism
coffer(n) strongbox, chest for holding treasure; (v) to store or hoard up
vile(adj) despicable, contemptible
bereft(adj) deprived or robbed of the possession or use of something (usually used with "of")

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