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American Perspectives, Vocabulary - Chapter 2

acknowledgeaccept as true or correct
adamantlyin a determined or strongly stated manner
alienatecause someone to be emotionally or intellectually separated from another person
attuned (to)able to understand and appreciate something
batterhit many times
camaraderiea feeling of trust and friendship among a group; companionship
coalitiona group of people from different political or social groups who are cooperating to achieve a particular goal
demisea formal term for the end or death of something or someone
dysfunctionfailure to work normally
egoone's opinion of one's own worth
evolveto gradually develop from a simpler form to a more complex form
excursiona short trip
fadsomething that is very popular for a short time
feasibleable to be done, made, or achieved
giftedhaving a natural ability for some activity
immunenot able to be affected by a disease or other unpleasant things
inevitablenot able to be prevented or avoided
naggingconstantly complaining or bothering someone
perplexedpuzzled, as in not knowing what to do
preciselyexactly, correctly, accurately
relatehave a connection to something or someone else
reluctanceunwillingness or hesitation
resentfeel angry or bitter about something
respecthave a good opinion of someone or something
scatterspread something over a wide area
seminara class in which the teacher and the students discuss a topic
sensitiveunderstanding and aware of other people's problems, etc.
shreda small, narrow piece of something
sufficientenough for a particular purpose
suspicionthe feeling that someone should not be trusted or that something is wrong
unemployedwithout a job
wanebecome weaker, often to the point of disappearing

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