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Latin 3rd, 4th, and 3rd-io conjugation verb practice

Drill of conjugated verb forms in the 3rd, 3rd-io, and 4th conjugation of Latin in the present system

regoI rule
regimuswe rule
regamI will rule
regebamuswe were ruling
regebamI used to rule
regemuswe will rule
cadisyou (s) are falling
cadebasyou (s) used to fall
cadesyou (s) will fall
caduntthey fall
cadebantthey were falling
cadentthey will fall
amittithe/she/it loses
amittebathe/she/it used to lose
amittethe/she/it will lose
amittitisyou (p) are losing
amittebatisyou (p) were losing
amittetisyou (p) will lose
expellimuswe are expelling
expellebamuswe used to expel
expellemuswe will expel
curroI run
curramI will run
currebamI used to run
curruntthey are running
currebantthey were running
currentthey will run
conceditisyou (p)are conceding
concedebatisyou (p) used to concede
concedetisyou (p) will concede
insurgentthey will rebel
insurguntthey are rebelling
insurgebantthey used to rebel
insurgoI am rebelling
insurgetisyou (p) will rebel
insurgebamuswe were rebelling
occidithe/she/it kills
occidebatisyou (p) used to kill
occidentthey will kill
occidebantthey used to kill
occidethe/she/it will kill
acquiremuswe will acquire
acquirimuswe are acquiring
acquirebamuswe used to acquire
acquirisyou (s) acquire
acquiresyou (s) will acquire
credoI believe
credamI will believe
credebamI used to believe
credentthey will believe
creduntthey are believing
audimuswe hear
audiebamuswe used to hear
audiemuswe will hear
venioI am coming
veniamI will come
veniebamI was coming
venisyou (s) are coming
veniesyou (s) will come
veniebasyou were coming
aperimuswe are opening
aperietisyou (p) will open
aperiebatisyou (p) used to open
hauriuntthey are drawing
haurientthey will draw
hauriebantthey were drawing
sentioI am feeling
sentitisyou (p) are feeling
sentietisyou (p) will feel
sentiebatisyou (p) used to feel
sentiamI will feel
sentiebamI used to feel
faciemuswe will do
facimuswe are doing
faciebamuswe used to do
facientthey will do
faciuntthey are doing
fugientthey will flee
fugiuntthey are fleeing
fugiebantthey used to flee
capithe/she/it seizes
capiethe/she/it will seize
capiebathe/she/it used to seize
iacitisyou (p) are throwing
iaciebantthey used to throw
iaciethe/she/it will throw
iacietisyou (p) will throw
iaciuntthey are throwing
cupiesyou (s) will want
cupiamI will want
cupioI want
cupisyou (s) want
cupiuntthey want
cupiebantthey used to want
cupientthey will want

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