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A & P Nervous System

cell bodymain part of the cell that contains the organelles
dendritesone or more branches that carry the impulse to the cell body
axonone projection or branche that carries the impulse away from the cell body
myelina white fatty substance around some asons that insulates the neuron to prevent short circuiting
Schwann cellscells that produce myelin
neurilemmaouter cell membrane of neuron that makes it able to repair or regenerate
synapsespace between axon of one neuron and dendrite of another neuron
myoneural junctionspace between axon of a neuron and a muscle fiber
neurotransmitterchemical released by the axon into the synapse
central nervous systembrain and spinal cord
peripheral nervous systemall nerves outside the brain and spinal cord
sensory neuroncarry impulses to CNS
motor neuroncarry impulses from CNS
interneuroncarry impulses from sensory to motor neurons
afferent neuronsensory neuron
efferent neuronmotor neuron
nervea group of axons in PNS
tracta group of axons in CNS
white mattermyelinated fibers
gray mattercell bodies and unmyelinated dendrites and axons
sensory nervemade of only sensory neurons and carries impulses to CNS
motor nervemade of only motor neurons and carries impulses from CNS
mixed nervemade of both sensory and motor neurons and carries impulses to and from CNS
polarizedelectrically balanced
receptordendrite of a sensory neuron
effectormuscle or gland affected by an impulse
gangliongroup of cell bodies in PNS
reflex arca pathway of nerve impulses that follow a one-way direction and elicit a quick response to a stimulus
meningesconnective tissue membranes that protect CNS
ventriclesfluid-filled spaces inside of the brain
plexusnetwork of branches from spinal nerves
somatic nervesnerves that carry impulses to skeletal muscles for voluntary movement
autonomic nervesnerves that carry impulses to smooth muscles, cardiac muscle, and glands for involuntary functions
cauda equinagroup of spinal nerves at the end of the spinal cord

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