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Ch. 3 - Vertebrates and Invertebrates Vocabulary

segementedmade up of many similar sections
arthropodan invertebrate with jointed feet and a segmented body
vertebratean animal with a backbone
abdomenthe rear section of an insect's body
exoskeletona hard covering that supports the body
molluskan invertebrate with an unsegmented soft body, often covered by a hard shell
amphibiana vertebrate that begins life with gills, and later develops lungs
crustaceanan arthropod with 5 pairs of legs, 2 pairs of antennae, and 2 main body segments
tentaclea slender, flexible body part used to touch, hold, or move
antennaefeelers on the heads of arthropods
arachnidan arthropod with 4 pairs of walking legs, no antennae, and 2 body segments
regenerateregrow lost body parts
invertebratean animal with no backbone
laterala row of tiny holes with nerve endings that feel changes in water pressure
parasitean organism that harms another organism by living on or in it and taking nutrients
thoraxthe middle section of an insect's body

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