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Lord of the Flies: Chapters 7 and 8

What does Ralph daydream about his home?He dreams about a past home where everything was all right; everything was good-humored and friendly. A cottage with a bowl of cornflakes and his favorite books. His mom was still there and his dad came home every night.
What is the game the boys play after spearing the pig? What is their mood?They made a ring around Robert like he was the boar and they were all jabbing at Robert who mad mock rushes. Robert squealed in mock terror, then in real pain. They chanted, "kill him" as at the last moment of a dance or a hunt. The desire to squeeze and hurt was over-powering.
Why do you think Jack hates Ralph so much? Why won't he talk it over with him?Because he wants to be in charge. He does not want to admit that he is jealous of Jack's leadership
What evidence did the boys find to prove there is a beast? Why are they so gullible?Something like a great ape was sittling asleep with its head between its knees. The wind roared in the forest and the creature lifted its head, holding toward them the ruin of a face.
How is Piggy treated by the boys? Why?They are very rude to him by saying "shut up" and "good riddance" because he sounded too adultlike. Are we safe? Now we done it. You have been rude about his hunters.
How does Ralph describe the beast?The beast had teeth and big black eyes.
Why does Jack call an assembly? How does he persuade the boys to elect him chief?He called an assembly to talk about the beast. He compares Ralph to Piggy. He says things like Piggy is not a proper chief. He is a coward. He is not a hunter. He would have never gotten us any meat. He just gives orders and expects people to obey them for nothing.
Do the boys support Jack? Do they like Jack? Do they fear Jack? Explain why.They do not support Jack. They are afraid that Jack would abuse the power they gave him if he was elected chief. He would be an authoritarian leader who would threaten and terrify others.
What does Jack want and need to be chief?He used to be in charge as leader of the choir boys. He does not want any distractions from his "hunting". He wants to determine the schedule of activities like hunting which was almost an obsession to him.
Why do they have to move the fire?How do the littluns react to this? Why?As the fire died down, so did their excitement. The beast is on the mountain with the fire. The twins realized they would have a fire near them as a comfort in the night and this set a few littluns dancing and clapping their hands and singing.
Decribe the killing of the sow. What do the hunters do with the blood?Jack grabbed Maurice and rubbed the blood over his cheeks
What do they do with the sow's head?They put the head on the pointed end of the stick which pierced through into the mouth. The head is for the beast; it is a gift.
What is Simon's reaction to the pig's head? Why?Everything was bad business. He thought that it was indignant to spike a pig's head on a stick
How does Jack lure the boys into his tribe?He tells them that he and his hunters are living along the beach by a flat rock. They hunt and feast and have fun. He invited them to a feast with a pig and meat.
In what ways are the boys becoming like savages?They wear war paint and hunt and kill pigs. They have faces of white and red and green and rushed out howling. They stole half-burnt branches. Ralph was start naked save for paint and a belt.
Why did the hunters raid Ralph's group?for fire
What threat does the Lord of the Flies make to Simon? Does he really speak? Is Simon crazy?He is going ot get angry because Simon is not wanted because they are going to have fun on this island. He said not to try it on or we shall do you. He tells Simon to run off and play with the others. He will only meet (evil) me down there so do not try ot escape.

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