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The Natural Place is a gift store that sells books, toys, and other items that focus on the environment and ecological concerns. Chris Lideris coordinates all of the physical elements in The Natural Place so that the store projects the right image to its customers. Chris's work in visual merchandising means he is directly involved in:Sales promotion
Commucnication activities that inform potential consumers of the existence of goods, services, or ideas and persuade them to buy are called:Promotions
As Marianna opened a new box of tissue, she noticed a card inside listing prizes she could win if she wrote her name and address on a piece of paper and mailed it to the tissue manufacturer, who would pull 10,000 names of winners out of an enormous collection bin. Clearly, the tissue manufacturer is promoting sales through:Incentives
The type of promotion over which the business often has the least control is:Publicity
The MasterLock Company spends a large amount of money to air just one commercial per year-during the Super Bowl. What are they trying to achieve with this strategy?To gain exposure to as many people as possible, as their products have wide market appeal
Which of the following is evidence that Home Depot uses personal selling in its promotional mix?They hire people with expertise to work in specific areas of the store
Why should businesses avoid relying solely on their original promotional mix?As the business and competitive environment changes, there may be other, more effective mixes to try
The internet is becoming increasingly useful in promoting products and services. Which of the following makes the internet an attractive promotional tool?Companies can reach a huge, ever-increasing market at relatively low cost.
Technology has affected promotional activities in all of the following ways EXCEPT:Improved ability to track and document customer purchases resulting in more accurate inventory control
Why do specialty bicycle shops emphasize personal selling as part of their promotional mix?Each bike must be tailored to the needs of the individual consumer
Why would a car dealership rely more on personal selling than a grocery store would?Vehicles are more expensive and more technical than products in a grocery store
Which of the following is an example of how professional football teams use public relations as part of their promotional mix?They send players into schools to promote the value of education
Sales promotion activities such as giveaways, contests, premiums, and special sales are most effective when:They are coordinated with other promotional activites
Why did Kellogg's decided to feature adults in some of its Frosted Flakes commercials, when they have traditionally targeted children?To generate sales to a new market segment
Promotional activites may be classified as:Personal and nonpersonal
General Mills issues coupons for its cereals, cake mixes, and other products in Sunday newspapers across the country. This is an example of which type of promotion?Sales Promotion
A local citizens group purchased space on a billboard to encourage citizens to vote "yes" on an upcoming bond issue. This is an example of the use of:Advertising
The use of advertising, display, and publicity to increase sales and consumer awareness is known as:Promotion
When the promotional mix selection is determined by the path the product takes from the producer to the consumer, the mix is influenced by its:Distribution system
When the promotional mix selection is determined by the particular group of consumers who want or need a given product, the mix is influenced by its:market
Promotion is important in marketing because of the key role it plays in:Introducing new products or services
If a suntan lotion manufacturer has chosen to advertise during the summer, only in markets close to a beach, what influenced the promotional mix decision?Geographic location
A company that sells highly technical, specialized products to the industrial market will probably rely MOST heavily on which type of promotion?Personal Selling
An ad featuring a department store's participation in "Senior Citizens' Day" is an example of what type of promotion?Institutional
What form of promotion uses planned, personalized communication to influence purchased decisions and to ensure satisfaction?Personal Selling
The Colgate-Palmolive Company sent samples of their new dish detergent through the mail. This is an example of:Sales Promotion
Business activities which are designed to influence consumers to purchase goods or services comprise a firm's:Promotional mix
If there were only a few customers to purchase a product, the promotional mix probably would include:Personal selling
Which of the following factors affect the promotional mix?Company, distibution system, market, product or service
The overall goal of the promotional mix is to:Influence consumers to purchase goods and services
What type of promotion focuses on building the image of a business?Institutional
Which of the following newspaper ads would be considered product promotion?A January White sale
Which of the following is a benefit of personal selling over advertising?Immediate feedback
The ultimate objective of sales promotion is to:Increase sales
Businesses who advertise in newspapers can target their ads to people with particular interests or to those living in a particular region. Businesses can do this targeting because:Newspaper circulation is documented and verifiable
One characteristic of advertising is that it always:Identifies the name of the business or individual that paid for it
Which of the following are the elements of the promotional mix?Personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, publicity
Companies try to spread the word about their community activites without cost by:Submitting news releases to the local media
The primary objective of an institutional advertisment that presents a company's viewpoint on public questions is to:Create a favorable attitude toward the company
A purpose of promotional advertising is to:Create store traffic and sales
The copy in an automobile ad discusses in detail how the manufacturer voluntarily made its cars safe by the addition of various safety devices. Which of the following is the primary objective of this advertisment?To create goodwill
The primary objective of a promotional advertisement is to:produce immediate sales
Any paid form of nonpersonal presnetation of ideas, goods, or services is known as:Advertising
Which of the following publications would be the most effective placement for an IBM ad promoting a new copier designed for an office environment?Business Week
Which of the following is a purpose of promotional/product-service advertising?Inform and educate consumers about items carried by the business
A publication designed to address issues, trends, and products within a specific industry is called an:Trade journal
An advertisments life is shortest in a:Newspaper
If a large business purchases a small, local business, the use of institutional advertising would be to:Promote goodwill
Purchasing newspaper space to present general or health information of interest to the consumer is an example of:Institutional advertising
Matchbooks, calenders, pens, and pencils are often given by a business to its consumers and are classified as what type of media?Specialty
Selecting merchandise for promotion is because of noteworthy selling points is in consideration of:Merchandise features
Advertising that concentrates on increasing sales of a product is:Promotional advertising
Advertising that promotes the community services provided by a bank is:Institutional advertising
Which of the following is an advantage of utilizing regional newspaper advertising?Low cost for broad coverage
A medium that relies EXCLUSIVELY on sound effects and listener's imagination is:Radio
The medium that most effectively uses sight, sound, and motion is:Television
Newspapers are an example of what type of media?Print
When would the cost of television advertiments be greatest?During primetime shows
Billboards, outdoor signs, and posters would be classified as BOTH:Out of home and print media
Which of the following is NOT a typical allotment for a broadcast script?Five minutes
Promotional advertising is NOT designed to:Improve a bad product
Television is a type ofBroadcast media
Lines of force are characteristics of ads in which:Illustration sight lines lead the reader to the copy
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an effective headline?Longer than one sentence so that several product benefits are described.
The three most powerful words in advertising are:Now, free, new
Companies that exist solely to help clients sell their products are:Advertising agencies
Whether the advertisng message is written or spoken, all of the following rules apply EXCEPT:Use technical language
The selling message of an advertisement is called the:Copy
One of the major goals of the first sentence in advertising copy is to:Create awareness of and arouse interest in the product
The purpose of an illustration in an ad is toArouse the customers desire to buy.
The element of a print ad that the reader USUALLY first focuses on is the:Illustration
Jones New York, a brand of clothing split the cost of an ad with Dillards, a retail department store that carries the brand. This is an example of:Cooperative advertising

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