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Java Games Ch 22 vocab

What is the term for when a nation that cuts itself off from the rest of the world?Isolationism
What is the term for when a nation wants to grow and take over more territory?Expansionisum
What is the term for a nation that creates an Empire by taking over other nations?Imperialsim
What is the term for taking over new territory?Annexation
What is the term for a nation the you do not control but usually does what you want anyway?Sphere of Influence
The idea that anyone could trade in China is called?Open Door Policy
When newspapers lie and exaggerate it is called...Yellow Journalisum
What is the term for when nations agree to stop fighting?Armistice
The term for a weak nation that is controlled by a strong nation.Protectorate
When a small piece of land connects two larger pieces of land.Isthmus
When there is no government.Anarchy
When you influence other nations with wealth rather than violence.Dollar Diplomacy

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