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Subjunctive Introducing Words

Entre Todos Chapter 8 - Exploración 3

to adviseaconsejar
to be gladalegrarse de
to tell (someone to do)decirle(s)
to doubtdudar
to delightencantar
it's advisable thates aconseible que
it's good thates bueno que
it's unlikely thates difícil que
it's important thates importante que
it's impossible thates imposible que
it's improbable thates improbable que
it's unbelieveable thates increíble que
it's useless thates inútil que
it's logical thates lógico que
it's bad thates malo que
it's worse thates peor que
it's possible thates posible que
it's necessary thates preciso que
it's probable thates probable que
it's strange thates raro que
it's useful thates útil que
to hopeesperar
to be happyestar contento
to fascinatefascinar
to pleasegustar
to be importantimportar
to insistinsistir en
to ordermandar
to bothermolestar
to denynegar (ie)
to not believeno creer
to not thinkno pensar
to requestpedir (i,i)
to allowpermitir, dejar
to preferpreferir (ie, i)
to be sorrysentir
to be surprisedsorprenderse
to feartener miedo de que
it;s doubtful thates dudoso que
to be interesting, to interestinteresar

Marilyn Nathanson

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