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US History Chapter 14 -Vocab Part 1

totalitarisnismgov't where single party or leader controls economic, social, and cultural lives of people
Joseph StalinRussian head of gov't after Lenin
Benito Mussolini1919 head of Fascist Party in Italy
Adolf Hittler1933 head of Fascist Party in Germany
anti-semiticprejudiced and discrimination against Jews
Spanish Civil War1936-1939 Fascist/Nationalists rebel against democratic gov't
appeasementpolicy of granting concessions to enemies in hope of peace
Anschlussthe union of Germany and Austria in 1933
Munich Pactagreement sacrificed Sudetenland to keep peace in 1938
blitzkriegsudden attack
Axis PowersGermany, Italy, Japan,
AlliesBritian, France, Soviet Union, United States


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