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Invertebrate Concenration

Porifera examplesponge
Cnidaria examplejellfish and coral
Platyhelminthe exampletapeworm
Nematoda exampleroundworm
Annelida exampleearthworm
Echinoderm examplestarfish
Mollusk examplesnail
Crustacean examplecrab
Arrachnid examplescorpion
Insect exanplegrasshopper
Members of Porifera feed byfiltering water
Stinging cells in in jellyfish are callednematocysts
Sometimes used on medicineleeches
Type of symmetry of a starfishradial
this arthropod has 2 paris of legs per it many body segmentsmillipide
complete life cycleegg, caterpillar, cocoon, adult
incompete life cycleegg, nymph, adult
a very intelligent inverterbateoctopus
a type of cnidaria that people often confuse with rocks in the oceancoral
common traits of all insects3 pairs of legs, 3 body seciton, wings at some point

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