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Culture: Roman/Greek gods and goddesses, et al.

Do you know the functions of the Roman gods and goddesses? Test your knowledge!
The Greek names of the god/goddess are in parentheses.

Apollo ( Phoebus Apollo)god of sun, song, prophecy
Bacchus (Dionysus)god of wine
Ceres (Demeter)goddess of agriculture
Cupid (Eros)god of love
Diana (Artemis)goddess of the hunt, moon
Faunus (Pan)god of flocks and shepherds
Janus (no Greek counterpart)god of beginnings and doorways
Juno (Hera)queen of the gods, goddess of married women
Jupiter (Zeus)king of the gods
Lares and Penates (no Greek counterpart)household gods
Mars (Ares)god of war
Mercury (Hermes)messenger of the gods
Minerva (Athena)goddess of wisdom)
Neptune (Poseidon)god of the sea
Pluto (Hades)god of the lower world
Saturn (Cronus)god of the harvest
Venus (Aphrodite)goddess of love and beauty
Vesta (Hestia)goddess of the hearth
Vulcan (Hephaestus)god of fire
Proserpina (Persephone)queen of the underworld
Aurora (Eos)goddess of the dawn
Irisgoddess of the rainbow, messenger of the gods
Juventus (Hebe)goddess of youth; cupbearer to the gods
Muses9 goddesses of the arts and sciences
Fates, Parcae (Moirae)3 who spun the thread of life, determined the length of life, and cut the thread of life
Furies3, pursued evil doers who got away with crimes
Olympushome of the gods
Styxriver in the underworld
Tartarus (Hades)the underworld
Elysiumplace for the blessed in the underworld
Erisgoddess of discord who threw a golden apple labeled "to the fairest" into a wedding banquet to which she was not invited
Hecategoddess of witchcraft
Hymengod of marriage
nectardrink of the gods
ambrosiafood of the gods
CalliopeMuse of epic poetry
TerpsichoreMuse of dancing
Atlasa Titan who carried the world on his shoulders

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