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Quantum Cards

Test your knowledge of the quantum mechanical model. Covers the basic terminology and the shapes of the orbitals.

Heisenburg uncertainty principleIt is impossible to know both the position and the momentum of an electron at the same time.
Principle quantum numbern, represents the energy levels.
Bohr ModelElectrons rotate around the nucleus in orbits.These orbits have a specific energy.
Quantum Mechanical ModelThe modern model of the atom based on the Schrodinger equation.
p orbital
s orbital
dyz orbital
dz2 orbital
OrbitalA region in space where there is a high probability of finding an electron.
s-sublevel capacity2 electrons
p-sublevel capacity6 electrons
d-sublevel capacity10 electrons
f-sublevel capacity14 electrons
Number of orbitals in a p-sublevel3 orbitals
Number of orbitals in an s sublevel1 orbital
7 orbitalsNumber of orbitals in the f-sublevel
5 orbitalsNumber of orbitals in a d sublevel
The maximun number of electrons in an energy level
Element in the s-blockK
Element in the p-blockCl
CopperElement in the d-block
PrElement in the f-block

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