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anomalousabnormal, irregular, departing from the usual
aspersiona damaging or derogatory statement; the act of slandering or defaming
bizarreextremely strange, unusual, atypical
brusqueabrupt, blunt, with no formalities
cajoleto coax, persuade through flattery or artifice; to deceive with soothing thoughts or false promises
castigateto punish severely; to criticize severely
contriveto plan with ingenuity, invent; to bring about as the result of a scheme or plan
demagoguea leader who exploits popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power
disabuseto free from deception or error, set right in ideas or thinking
ennuiweariness and dissatisfaction from lack of occupation or interest, boredom
fetter(n.) a chain or shackle placed on the feet(v.) to chain or shackle; to render helpless or impotent
heinousvery wicked, offensive, hateful
immutablenot subject to change; constant
insurgent(n.) one who rebels or rises against authority;(adj.) rising in revolt, refusing to accept authority
megalomaniaa delusion marked by a feeling of power, wealth, talent, etc.
sinecurea position requiring little work; an easy job
surreptitiousstealthy, secret, intended to escape observation; made or accomplished by fraud
transgressto go beyond a limit or boundry
transmuteto change from one nature, substance, or form to another
vicariousperformed, suffered, or otherwise experienced by one person in place of another

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