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Locomotion vocabulary

motileability to move
sessileremains still, hardly moves
axial skeletontrunk; skull, ribs, pelvis, vertebrae
appendicular skeletonlimbs; arms, legs and adjoining bones
yellow marrowstores fats
red marrowproduces red blood cells
osteoclastscells that break down bone
osteoblastscells that build bone
periosteumskin that surrounds bone where blood vessels and nerves attach
haversian blood canalsopening in the bone to allow blood to nourish bone cells
jointsplace where two bones come together
suture jointimmovable joint; skull, sternum, pelvis
ball-in-socketrotation 360 degree - hips and shoulders
hinge jointback and forth motion; knees and elbows
gliding jointsmall bones move by each other, wrists
pivot joint180 degree rotation; neck
saddle jointside-to-side and front-to-back motion - thumb
ossificationthe hardening of cartilage to bone
cartilagetough, fibrous, elastic tissue; cushions joints
tendonsconnect bone to muscle
ligamentsconnect bone to bone
sliding filament theorytheory of muscle movement; actin and myosin slide past each other
antagonisticwork in pairs; do the opposite of each other
exoskeletonskeleton on outside
endoskeletonskeleton on inside
contractile proteinsbasis for movement in all organisms
voluntaryunder conscious control
involuntaryautomatic; no control
cardiac muscleheart; involuntary; striated; interlocking
smooth muscledigestive tract and others, non-striated; straight; involuntary
skeletal musclestriated, connected to bones; straight; voluntary

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