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Spider WebQuest

This word search is part of a WebQuest on spiders and students will research the anatomy of spiders using Internet resources.

cephalothoraxfront part of the body joining the head and thorax
abdomenback part of the body shaped like a bulb
sucking stomachlarge muscles used to suck i the spider's liquid food
heartlocated on the back of the abdomen
carapacea tough plate that protects the cephalothorax
silkstrong material used to construct webs, egg sacs, as a life line
tracheatubes where gasses are exchanged with the blood
spinneretsused to spin silk into threads and webs
thoraxsecond part of spider's body
book lunghollow leaf-like structures through which the blood flows
femurthird, often the largest part of leg
pedipalpshort leg-like parts close to mouth that helps to catch and hold prey
poison glandwhere venom is made and stored
chelicerajaws at the front of the head
fangpiercing parts of these jaws used to bite prey
spigotsopenings on spider's tail end where silk shoots out

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