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Basic Mythology characters

AchillesThe mightiest Greek warrior; hero of Homer's Illiad
AeneasForefather of the Romans; Hero of Virgil's Aeneid
Aphrodite/Venusgoddess of love and beauty, one of the twelve Olympians; patroness of lovers, beauty, sometimes of marriage; sailors; considered a war goddess by Spartans
ApolloGod of light and purity, music, poetry, prophecy; one of the twelve Olympians; patron of healers, archers, musicians
Ares/MarsGod of war; also of Agriculture to the Romans; one of the twelve Olympians; patron of soldiers
Artemis/DianaGoddess of the hunt and moon; one of the twelve Olympians; patroness of unmarried women and youth, childbirth, wild animals
Asclepius/AesculapiusMortal who became the god of healing
AtalantaThe swiftestof runners and the best hunter in ancient Greece
Athena/MinervaGoddess of wisdom, handicrafts (especially weaving), war, and argriculture; one of the twelve Olympians
Bellerophon and PegasusA Corinthian hero and the winged horse he tamed
Castor and PolluxTwin divinities; patrons of athletes and sailors at sea
CerberusFierce dog that guards the gates of Hades, the Underworld
Cronus and Rhea/Saturn and OpsRulers of the earth and heavens before the reign of Zeus; Parents of six Olympian gods.
Daedalus and IcarusFamed inventor and sculptor of ancient Greece and his only son
Demeter/CeresGoddess of agriculture; one of the twelve Olympians; patron of farmers
DeucalionAlong with his wife, Pyrrha, the only survivor of the mythical great flood; ancestor of the Greeks through his son Hellen
Dionysus/BacchusGod of wine and divine ecstasy; youngest of the Olympian gods; patron of wine cultivation, revels, religious mysteries
Echo and NarcissusA nuymph of the forest and a handsom son of the river god
Eros and PsycheThe archer of love; patron of the arts of loveing AND a Greek Heroine
The FatesThe three goddesses of destiny (Moirai to the Greeks, Parcae to the Romans)
The GracesGoddesses of Joy and Grattitude (Charites tothe Greeks, Gratiae to the Romans); bringers of beauty to young girls.
Hebe/Iuventasgoddess of eternal youth; cupbearer to the gods
Hephaestus/VulcanGod of the forge and master of the fire; one of the twelve Olympians; patron of metalworkers, blacksmiths, jewelers (and Birmingham)
Hera/JunoQueen of the Gods; one of the twelve Ollympians; protector of married women, childbirth and the home
Heracles/HerculesGreek hero who achieved divinity upon his death; famous for his twelve labors
Hermes/MercuryGod of shepherds, travelers, thieves, merchants; one of the twelve Olympians
Hestia/VestaGoddess of hearth and home; one of the twelve Olympians; protector of all of her cities and women, orphans and lost children (patroness of Vestavia)
IrisGoddess of the rainbow; a messenger of the gods.
JanusGod of beginnings; guardian of passageways
JasonGreek hero; leader of the Argonauts
MedusaA once beautiful maiden turned into a monster; killed by the hero Persus; one of the three Gorgons
NiobeA maiden undone by boastfulness and pride
Odysseus/UlyssesHero of Homer's Odyssey
OrpheusCelebrated Greek musician and poet; one of the few mortals ever to return from the Underworld
Pan/FaunusGod of woods, fields, and mountains; patron of shepherds, beekeepers, farmers, hunters
PandoraThe first woman; overcome by curiosity, she opened a vase full of evils.
Persephone/ProserpinaGoddess of the Underworld; bringer of spring
PhaethonA son of the Sun god; bringer of ruin to the earth and to himself
Poseidon/NeptuneGod of the sea; one of the twelve Olympians
PrometheusA Titan
Pygmalion and GalateaSculptor who fell in love with his statue
SilenusA woodland deity; foster father and tutor of Dionysus
SisyphusCondemned to Hades for betraying Zeus
TantalusMortal King who tried to trick the gods; condemned to suffer forever in Hades
TheseusLegendary King of Athens; hero who killed the Minotaur
Zeus/JuppiterKing of the gods; ruler of the heavens and the universe; dispenser of justice; protector of human relations

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