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Transcription Concentration

transcriptionDNA message converted to mRNA
Uracilused by RNA instead of Thymanine
if DNA is ATT, RNA would beUAA
transcription takes place in the ...nucleus
RNA is _______ strandsingle
RNA has ________ sugarribose
RNA can ________ the nucleus, DNA can NOTleave
small "holes" in the nuclear membranepores
codonevery letters in DNA or mRNA is this
a codon represents oneamino acid
type of sugar in DNAdeoxyribose
Is transcription a part of replication?NO
if mRNA is UGA, then the DNA ?? (you need to flip RNA backwards to DNA)ACT
What enzymes helps "check" that the correct RNA is pairing the DNA?RNA polymerase
mRNAmessenger RNA
What does DNA have the instructions to build that it must give to mRNA?proteins

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