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Cisco Networking Semester 4 - Chapter 13

How did Cisco alter the HDLC encapsulation to allow a single link to carry multiple protocols?Added a type field to identify the protocol
What advantage does the multilink option provide when using PPP?dtat transmission load balancing possibilities
What authentication protocol can be spoofed to allow playback attacks?PAP
How is the MD5 function valuable in authentication? Two answersUses a one-way hash function & challenges are unique
Which command specifies a link quality over a PPP link?ppp quality 90
What type of cabling is used to connect a router to a modem?RS-232
What is an advantage of using time-division multiplexing (TDM) for transmitting data?Multiple sources can transmit over a single channel & TDM supports the transmission of mulitple Layer 2 protocols from a single source
How would you describe the High-Level Data Control Protocol?provides flow and error control & uses sequencing and acknolwedgements & implementated as a bit-oriented, proprietary protocol
ISDN BRI service uses two B channels to send data, voice and video. If the first channel becomes saturated, the second channel can be forward packets. What is the command to allow ISDN to load balance across both links?Router(config-if)#ppp multilink
What describes funcions of the Point-to-Point protocol with regards to the OSI model?It uses the data link layer to cinfigure such options as error dection and compression & provides a merchanism to mutiplex several network layers protocols & can be configured on both sysnchronous and asynchronous serial interfaces
What is a communication protocol of the PPP architecture?LCP
What options do LCP provide?testing quality of a link & limiting bandwidth & load balancing & prevents frame looping
What is needed in order to establish a PPP session between two routers?send keepalives between the two links &send LCP and NCP frames to negotiate configuration parameters
Why use PAP or CHAP protocols?they restrict access to networks connected by serial and ISDN links
Descripe the CHAP protocol.Exchanges a random challenge number during the session to verify identity & prevents transmission of login information in plain text & disconnects the PPP session if authentication fails

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