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The Spread of Enlightenment ideas.

The philosophes' views often got them in trouble. In France it was illegal to criticize either the Catholic church or the government. Many philosophes landed in jail or were exiled. Voltaire, for example, experienced both punishments. Nevertheless, enlightenment ideas spread throughout Europe.

Copernicus Publishes Heliocentric theory1543
Brahe dicovers a nove1572
Janssen invents the microscope1590
Kepler publishes fist two laws of planetary motionq1609
Bacon's book encourages experimental method1620
harey reveals how the human heart works1628
Torricelli invents barometer1643
Boyle figures out the relationship between gas and pressure1662
England establishes Royal society to support scientific study1660
Leeuwenhoek observes bacteria through a microscope1674
Newton publishes law of gravity1714

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