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Section 3-3 part 1: Biomes

Which biome is characterized by very low temperatures, little precipitation, and permafrost?Tundra,
Which two biomes have the least amount of precipitation?Desert and tundra
A biome is identified by its particular ____ and the types of organisms found there.climate
Which type of tropical forested biome is characterized by a wet season and a dry season?Tropical dry forest
Tall, perennial grasses and herds of grazing herbivores are inhabitants of the _______ biomes.tropical savanna and temperate grassland
Mild, moist air from the Pacific Ocean and giant coniferous trees (including Giant Redwoods) characterize the _____.northwestern coniferous forest (also known as temperate rainforests),
Desert biomes vary greatly in temperature but are always defined as having less than _____ cm of rainfall per year., 25 cm
Which type of biome is characterized by thin, nutrient-poor soils?tropical rainforest,
What adaptation do trees in the tropical rainforest have to deal with the soils they grow on?Wide shallow roots (Trees in the tropical rainforest have shallow roots that spread out along the ground to get nutrients from the nutrients poor soil before the nutrients are washed away by the heavy rainfall)
What do we call the layer in the tropical rainforest that blocks out most of the light from hitting the ground?The canopy (tree tops that spread out like umbrellas),
How do trees in a tropical dry forest conserve water during the dry season?They drop their leaves to avoid evapotranspiration.
What do you call trees that drop their leaves on an annual basis?Deciduous trees,
Name two things that keep savannas and temperate grasslands from undergoing succession and turning into forests.Fires and large herds of grazing herbivores
Which biome is home to the most different types of species on Earth?Tropical Rainforests
Which type of biome is pictured below?, Boreal forest (a.k.a. - Taiga). Notice it's all conifers.,
Which type of biome is pictured below?, Desert. (I chose this photo to show that deserts aren't always hot. Often times, deserts are found on the lee side of a mountain range in the mountains rainshadow),
Which type of biome is pictured below?, Tropical Savanna,
Which type of biome is pictured below?, Tundra (during the short growing season, there is enough water from permafrost melt for lush shrubs, wildflowers, and grasses to grow),
Which type of biome is pictured below?, Northwest coniferous forest (a.k.a. - temperate rainforests. This photo is taken from Washington state),
Which type of biome is pictured below?, Temperate forest (a.k.a. - Temperate deciduous forest),
The layer of permanently frozen subsoil that only thaws a few centimeters during the summer in the tundra is called ____.permafrost
Permafrost is found in the _____ biome.Tundra,
Plants like cactus and aloe vera are called _____ plants.succulent,
Which biome is characterized by cool moist winters, hot dry summers, and periodic brush fires?Temperate Woodland and Shrubland (a.k.a. - Chaparrel). The parts of California that are always catching on fire are an example.,
Which type of biome is characterized by warm to hot summers, cold winters, seasonal precipitation, and very fertile soils?Temperate Grasslands (think of Iowa),
Which type of biome do we live in?Temperate forest (a.k.a. - Temperate deciduous forest),
Which type of biome is characterized by broadleaf deciduous trees, cold to moderate winters, warm summers, and year-round rainfall?Temperate forest (a.k.a. - Temperate deciduous forest),
Which type of biome is characterized by long cold winters, short mild summers, and mostly coniferous trees?Boreal forests (a.k.a. - Taiga),
TRUE or FALSE: Tropical rainforests have thick fertile soils.FALSE (Tropical rainforests have very thin nutrient-poor soils. This is due to the fact that anything that falls to the forest floor decomposes very quickly in the hot humid climate. The nutrients that are unlocked from decomposing leaves and animals dissolve in water and get washed away quickly by the heavy rains if they aren't sucked up by the roots of the nearby vegetation right away. Therefore, soil is not able to accumulate like it can where decomposition occurs more slowly in places that have a winter season, like the temperate deciduous forests)
TRUE or FALSE: Deserts can be hot, cold, or both.TRUE (People often think of deserts as being always hot, but this is a misconception. Some of the driest deserts are in cold regions of the world, and even in hot deserts, the temperature can get quite cold at night since there is hardly any humidity in the air to block heat from escaping into space)
TRUE or FALSE: The reason that there are so few trees out in the central parts of the U.S. (like Kansas and Nebraska, is because settlers cut down all the trees to turn forests into farmland.FALSE (There were very few trees even before humans arrived. That part of the country is in a grassland biome. Trees don't tend to grow because there is not enough rainfall, brush fires frequently break out and kill any trees that started to grow, and herds of herbivores, like Buffalo eat any sapling trees that start growing)

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