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Circuits/Magnetism /Electromagnetism

electric circuitelectrical device connected so that it provides one or more complete paths for the movement of charges
schematic diagrama graphic representation of an electric circuit or apparatus, with standard symbols for the electrical devices
seriesa circuit or portion of a circuit that provides a single conducting path
parallelcomponents in a circuit that are connected across common points, providing two or more separate conducting paths
electrical energythe energy associated with electrical charges, whether moving or at rest
fuseelectrical device containing a metal strip that melts when current in the circuit becomes too great
circuit breakerdevice that protects a circuit from current overloads
magnetic polearea of a magnet where the magnetic force appears to be the strongest
magnetic fieldregion where a magnetic force can be detected
solenoidlong, wound coil of insulated wire
electromagnetstrong magnet created when an iron core is inserted into the center of a current-carrying solenoid
electromagnetic inductionproduction of a current in a conducting circuit by a change in the strength, position, or orientation of an external magnetic field

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