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Safeside Challenge

Use skills developed during Project Safeside activities to match terms and concepts.

tornadomeasured using Fugita scale
hurricanemeasured using Saffir-Simpson scale
action planfamily emergency outline for preparednes and communication
eyewallstrongest hurricane windspeed
supercellstrongest potential tornado-producing storm
lightningcontains segments called "step leaders"
counterclockwisedirection of circulation of cyclones un Northern Hemisphere
tropical wavelow pressure trough
hurricanecyclone with winds of at least 74 miles per hour
family disaster communication planincludes contact person and meeting place
30-30 rulelightning safety tip
crouching positionsafest position if stranded outdoors during lightning
family evacuation planincludes a variety of evacuation routes
coastal areasprone to hurricane incidence
tornado alleycentral US plains states prone to cyclonic storms
factors influencing flash floodssoil moisture and precipitation intensity
safest area during flash floodinghigher ground
people struck by lightningcarry no electric charge
tropical storm watchpossible winds of 39-74 mph in your area
hurricane warninghurricane cinditions are expected in your area within 24 hours

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