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Water, Climate, and Vegetation - 2002 edition

Terms related to The Water Planet, Climate, Climate Zones and Vegetation. 41 terms are used.

vegetationplant life
water vaporwater if the form of a gas
water cyclemovement of water from the ocean to the air to the ground and back to the ocean
evaporationwater turns from liquid to a gas
condensationwater changes from a gas to a liquid
groundwaterwater that fills cracks and holes in rock layers beneath the surface
aquiferrock layer through which water flows
weatherchanges in the air during a short time
climateusual pattern of weather over a long time
tropicsarea between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
currentmoving stream of water in the ocean
hurricaneviolent tropical storm that forms over the Atlantic Ocean
typhoonhurricane that forms in the Pacific Ocean
monsoonseasonal wind pattern
rain shadowdry area on the inland side of a mountain
Gulf Streamwarm ocean current that warms northwestern Europe
precipitationrain, snow, sleet, hail
rain forestlush dense vegetation found in the tropics
savannabroad tropical grassland with few trees
marine west coastrainy, mild winters and cool summers
Mediterraneanmild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers
humid continentalcold, snowy winters and hot summers
humid subtropicalhot, humid summers and short, mild winters
tundravast Arctic plain without trees
permafrostpermanently frozen soil layers
elevationheight above sea level
timberlineelevation above which no trees grow
steppepartly dry grasslands which surround deserts
Amazon River basinarea with the world's largest rain forest
Mediterranean Seabody of water found between Europe and Africa
Arctic Circle66 1/2 degrees north latitude
Antarcticaworld's coldest and windiest area
desertdriest climate region
tornadofunnel shaped wind storm
collectionstreams and rivers carry water back to the ocean
glaciermass of ice made from fresh water
droughtlong period of extreme dryness
El Ninowarm waters in eastern Pacific about every three years
La Ninaeastern winds cool the Pacific
local windcaused by conditions in a particular area
greenhouse effectgases create a warming of the atmosphere

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