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Kingdom Monera

Vocabulary pertaining to the kingdom Monera

moneranone-celled,prokaryotes and they have cell walls
some are plantlike but most don't make their own foodmonerans
bacteria cellsome have flagellums
3 basic shapes of bacteriarod, spiral, and spheres
bacteria is foundeverywhere
bacteria is reproducedfission
aerobesuse oxygen for resporation
anaerobesdon't use oxygen for respiration
virusmicroscopic particles with a protein coat
nonliving cellvirus
AIDSspread by body fluid
Edward Jennerdeveloped the first vaccine
stresscauses latent virus to become active
saprophyteuses dead food as energy source
pathogenproduces a disease
pasteurizationthe heating of food that kills harmful bacteria
vaccinescan prevent viruses
making and releasing active virusesattach,invade,copy,release

Rhonda Riley

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