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ER 62, vocabulary c, f, g and 43

odi, odisseto hate, perfect in form, present in meaning)
verus -a -umtrue
saeclum -i n.age
insapiens -entisfoolish, unwise
infacetus -a -umtasteless
lingua -ae f.language, tongue
os, oris n.mouth, face
pes, pedis m.foot
iucundus -a -umpleasant
forefuturum esse, to be about to be
perduco -ere -duxi, ductusto extend, to prolong
foedus, foederis n.pact, treaty
facere utbring it about that,
nosco, -ere, novi, notusto find out, to get to know, in perfect to know
vulgus -i m.crowd, mob
gener, generi m.son-in-law
quarefor this reason,why, therefore
excrucio -are -avi - atusto torment, to torture
levis -is -elight, fickle, meaningless
uro, urere, ussi ustusto burn, to set on fire (with love)
diligo -ere, dilexi, dilectusto love, to cherish

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