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Aeneid: some common verbs

Books I-VI Pharr's text. Common verbs from the general word list. In this activity, 2nd conjugation verbs are denoted by a captial e at the end of the stem. (ardeo ardEre arsi arsus) No other long marks have been denoted.

accipio accipere accepi acceptusreceive, accept, learn, hear, conceive
adsum adesse adfuibe present; assist + dat.
ago agere egi actuslead, drive, do, treat, pass, conduct
aio ais ait; aiuntsay, speak, assert
ardeo ardEre arsi arsusburn
audio audire audive auditushear, hearken
capio capere cepi captustake, seize, catche, captivate, deceive, occupy
cerno cernere crevi cretusdiscern, perceive, understand, decide, fight
dico dicere dixi dictussay, speak, tell call, name, describe, chant
do dare dedi datusgive, grant, allow, bestow, put, place make
duco ducere duxi ductuslead, draw, protract, produce, think
eo ire ivi/ii itusgo, proceed, come
eripio eripere eripui ereptussnatch, tear away; rescue; hasten
erro errare erravi erratusstray, wander, err, linger
facio facere feci factusdo, make, perform; grant, offer; suppose
for fari fatus (sum)speak, say, tell, utter
fugio fugere fugiflee (from), escape, shun
fundo fundere fudi fususpour (out) shed; lay low, slay, rout; extend
furo furere furuirage, rave, be frantic
habeo habEre habui habitushave, hold; consider
iubeo iubere iussi iussuscommand, order, bid, enjoin (upon) urge
labor labori lapsusslip (by), slide, glide (by), descend; fail; faint, fall, perish; flow
maneo manEre mansi mansusremain, abide, linger, stay, await
mitto mittere misi missussend, hurl, dismiss, let go; end, finish; offer, pay
moveo movEre movi motusmove; ponder
paro parare paravi paratusprepare, make (ready)
peto petere petivi/petii petitusseek, attack, aim (at), ask; scan
pono ponere posui pos(i)tusput, place,(aside); found, establish; bury
possum posse potuibe able, can, avail
quaero quaerere quaesivi quaesitusseek (in vain), miss, inquire, ask, try
refero referre retuli relatusbear back, restore, carry off; reproduce, renew, recall; relate, say; (re)pay
relinquo relinquere reliqui relictusleave, desert, surrender, abandon, relinquish
ruo ruere rui ru(i)tusfall; rush; sink; plow
sequor sequi secutus (sum)follow attend, persue, accompany, seek
servo servare servavi servatusobserve, watch; preserve, save, guard, keep, rescue; nurse
sto stare steti statusstand (fast, up); halt; endure; stick (to), remain
subeo subire subivi/subii subitusgo under, bear; approach, enter; arise + dat.
sum esse fui futurusbe, exist
surgo surgere surrexi surrectusraise, arise, spring up, surge
tendo tendere tetendi tentusstretch; hasten, strive, extend, aim; tent
teneo tenEre tenui tentushave, hold, restrain
tollo tollere sustuli sublatuslift, raise, upheave, stir up; remove, destroy
traho trahere traxi tractusdrag (out), draw (in), lead, protract, spend
venio venire veni ventuscome, go
video vidEre vidi visussee, perceive; in passive: be seen, appear, seem (best)
vinco vincere vici victusconquer, surpass
voco vocare vocavi cocatuscall, name, address, convoke, invoke, invite, challenge
volo velle voluiwill, wish, be willing
volvo, volvere, volvi volutusrevolve, (un)roll, roll (round, through); undergo

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