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Colby 2a

aestus, -us, m.tide; heat
aetas, -atis, f.age, time of life
ager, agri, m.mound, rampart
agmen, -inis, n.line of march, army (on the march)
ago, agere, egi, actusdo, act; drive; treat
alacer, -cris, -creeager, brisk, active
alienus, -a, -umforeign; unfavorable
aliquis, aliquidsome one, anyone; anything
alius, -a, -udother, another
alo, -ere, alui, alitusfeed; nourish; support
alter, -a, -umthe other (of two)
altus, -a, -umhigh; deep
amicus, -i, m.friend
amitto, -ere, -misi, -missuslose
ampliusmore, more than
amplus, -a, -umlarge, spacious; distinguished
ancora, -ae, f.anchor
angustiae, -arum, f.narrow pass; difficulties
angustus, -a, -umnarrow
animadverto, -ere, -verti, -versus(turn the attention to), notice; punish

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