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Song of War 25 (5 to 9 appearances)

ripa -ae fbank, shore
artus, artūs mlimb, joint, arm, leg
celsus -a -umhigh, lofty, tall
custos -odis m/fguard
Stygius -a -umStygian, of the styx
timeo -ēre timuito fear, to be afraid of
undiqueon all sides, from all sides
veho -ere vexi vectusto carry; pass:to be carried, to travel
aditus -ūs mapproach, entry, doorway, access
arceo -ēre arcuito hold in, control, restrain, to keep away, repulse
arrectus -a -umraised up, upright, standing on end
Ausonius -a -umAusonian, of the Ausones
cieo, ciēre, civi, citusto move, set in motion, stir up
consido -ere, consedito sit down, settle, to sink, collapse
consisto -ere constitito halt, stop, stand
fatalis -is -efateful, destined, fated, deadly, fatal
ferus -a -umuntamed, wild, savage, fierce, ferocious
frigus, frigoris n.cold,cold weather, chill, weakness, numbness, torpor
glomero -are -avi -atusto form into a ball, to accumulate, to mass together
hospitium -i n.hospitality, guest-host relationship, welcome, reception
nodus -i m.knot, knotty problem, difficulty
pando -ere, passusto spread out, open out, top open up, to reveal
parco -ere, peperci + datto spare
pauci -ae -afew
placidus -a -umkindly, indulgent, calm, tranquil, peaceful, calming
potens, potentisable, capable, strong, powerful
prior, priusfirst (of two), previous
resolvo -ere, resolui, resolutusto loosen, undo, relax; to unravel, solve, break, violate
resto -are, restitito remain, linger, to be left, remain
sol, solis m.the sun

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