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Song of War, 19 (5 to 9 appearances)

memor, memoriskeeping in memory, mindful, unforgetting
memoroto speak, say; to speak of as, call, name; to tell about, narrate; to remind, call to mind
mereo, mereor, mereri, meritus sumto receive as one's wage, earn; to merit, deserve
miror, -ari, -atus sumto admire, wonder at, wonder
misereor, -eri, -itus sumto pity
miseror, -ari, -atus sumto view with compassion, feel sorry for, pity
modus, -i, m.way, method, rhythmic/harmonious manner; limit, moderation
molior, moliri, molitus sumto work to bring about, work at, engineer, undertake, contrive; to build, construct
mollis, -is, -esoft
monstro -are -avi -atusto show
mora, -ae, f.loss of time, delay
moror, -ari, -atus sumto delay, remain, stay
munus, muneris,, service
murmur, murmuris, n.murmur, rumble
Mycenae, -arum, f.Mycenae
nefas, n.impious act, sacrilege; crime; portent, horror
negoto deny, refuse
nepos, nepotis, m.grandson; descendant
nequiquamin vain
niunless, if not
nimbus, -i, m.rain-cloud, cloud; downpour, cloudburst, rain-storm
nympha, -ae, f.nymph, nature spirit
obon account of
obscurus, -a, -umdim, dark, obscure; hidden, not visible; incomprehensible
aliterotherwise, differently
amens, amentisout of one's mind, insane; frantic
amicus -a -umfriendly; favorable, supportive
amplector -i amplexus sumto embrace
anor (an . . . an, either . . . or)

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