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Ecce Romani 48 -pages 61, 63 and 64

totso many - indecl. adj.
deliciae -arum f. pl.delight
admiratio, admirationis f.amazement
contra + accusativeagainst, opposite, facing
ostendo, -ere, ostendi, ostentusto show, to point out
conicio, -ere, conieci, coniectusto throw, to throw together; to figure out, to guess
converto, -ere converti, conversusto turn (around)
tollo, -ere, sustuli, sublatusto lift, to raise
consisto, -ere, constitito halt, to stop, to stand
furor, furoris m.frenzy
pugnabaturthe fighting went on
nobis redeundum estwe must return
aliasat another time
arena -ae f.sand, arena
tesserae -arum
apparitores -um m.gate-keepers
pulvinar, pulvinaris n.imperial seat at the games
tubicines et cornnicinestrumpet-players and horn-players
paria, parium n. pl.n. pl. pairs
lanista -ae f.trainer

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