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Fabulae Romanae - Review Vocabulary III (4,5)

amicus -i m.friend
liberi -orum m. pl.children
legatus -i m.envoy
murus -i m.wall
sella -ae f.chair
signum -i n.signal
arma -orum n. pl.weapons
verbum -i n.word
pater, patris m.father, senator
parens, parentis m.parent
virgo, virginis f.maiden
mulier, mulieris f.woman
lictor -oris m.lictor, attendant
senator -oris m.senator
tempus, temporis n.time
caput, capitis n.head
dies, diei
vir, viri
iamnow, already
etiamalso, even, still
aut . . .auteither . . . or
priuspreviously, first
vicinus -a -umneighboring
solus -a -umalone
meus -a -ummy, mine
maximus -a -umvery great, greatest
praetextus -a -umedged with purple
melior -orisbetter
posterus -a-umnext
perturbatus -a -umupset, disturbed
minor, orissmaller, less
clamo -are -avi -atusto shout
specto -are -avi -atusto look at, to watch
sto, stare, steti, statusto stand
creo -are -avi -atusto elect, to choose
video -ere vidi visusto see
soleo -ere solitus sumto be accustomed
gaudeo -ere gavisus sumto be glad
audeo -ere ausus sumto dare
cado -ere cecidi casusto fall
mitto -ere misi missusto send
dico -ere dixi dictusto say, to tell
addo -ere addidi additusto add
ostendo -ere ostendi ostentusto show
sumo -ere sumpsi sumptusto assume, to take on
operio -ire operui opertusto hide, to conceal
convenio -ire -veni -ventusto gather, to come together
rapio -ere rapui raptusto grab, to carry off
conor -ari -atus sumto try
orior -iri ortus sumto rise
coorior -iri -ortus sumto rise
volo -are -avi -atusto fly

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