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mecumwith me
mihito me
noswe, us
nobisus, to us
tuyou (singular)
teyou (acc. singular)
tecumwith you
tuusyour (singular)
tibito you (singular)
vosyou (plural)
vobisyou, to you (plural)
vester, vestr-your (plural)
se/sesehimself, herself, itself, themselves (refers to subject)
secumwith him, her, it, them (refers to subject)
sibito him, her, it, them (refers to subject)
suushis, her, its, their (refers to subject)
aliusother, another (alias)
alienusstrariger, foreigner (alien)
alterthe other (alter)
ceterusthe rest (plural) others (et cetera)
hicthis, he, she, it (stem h- with usual endings except haec, hanc, hoc, hunc, huius, huic)
haecit, she, they, this, these (sub. subs. objs.)
hancit, her, this (obj.)
hocit, him, this (sub. obj. adv.)
huncit, him, this (obj.)
huiusof it, him, her, this (adj.)
huicit, him, her, this (adv.)
illethat, he, she, it
isthis or that (not so definite as hic or ille, and used chiefly to refer to something or someone already mentioned), he, she, it. Except in "is" (sub.) and "id" (sub. obj.) the stem is e- with regular endings.
idemsame (same forms as is followed by -dem)
isteyour, this or that of yours
ipsehimself, herself, itself, themselves, that very (for emphasis)
uter, utr-which, which of two, one of two
uterque, utr--queeach of two, both
qui, quiswho, which (stem qu- except in cuius)
cuiuswhose, of whom, of which (adj.)
cuito whom, to which (adv.)
aliquissomeone, something
quicumquewhoever, whatever
quidama certain one or thing
quilibetanyone or thing you please
quisnamwho then? what then?
quisquamanybody, anything
quisqueeveryone, everything, each
quisquiswhoever, whatever

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