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Ecce Romani 28-Review II Vocabulary - (copy)

Review vocabulary of Lesson 28, Part II

curo -āre -avi -atusto take care of, to tend to
exspecto -āre -avi -atusto look out for, to wait for
sto -are, steti, staturusto stand
vexo -āre -avi -atusto annoy
iubeo -ēre iussi, iussusto order
soleo -ēre solitus sumto be accustomed
emo, emere, ēmi, emptusto buy
tremo -ere tremuito tremble
volo, velle, voluito wish, to want, to be willing
eo, ire, ii(ivi), iturusto go
absum, abesse, afui, afuturusto be away, to be absent
fero, ferre, tuli, latusto carry, to bring, to bear
quam. . .!! what a...!
quod, conj.because

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