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Caesar Vocabulary (Bk IV, 26-28)

supero -are -avi -atusto overcome, to defeat
obses, obsidis m.hostage
polliceor, pollicēri, pollicitus sumto promise
Atrebas, Atrebatis m.Atrebatian, member of the tribe of Atrebates
supra (adv)above, previously
demonstro -are -avi -atusto point out, show, mention
defero, deferre, detuli, delatusto carry down; to report, deliver
comprehendo -ere, comprehendi, comprehensusto grasp, seize, catch, arrest
ultro (adv)beyond, furthermore;voluntarily, without being asked
continens, continentis f.continent, mainland
longinquus -a -umfar away, distant
superior, superiorishigher
coorior, cooriri, coortus sumto arise
tempestas, tempestatis, storm
unde (adv)from where, whence
propius (adv)nearer
deicio -ere, deieci, deiectusto throw down, to drive off course
ancora -ae f.anchor
adorior -iri adortus sumto rise up against, to attack
aliqui, aliquae, aliquodsome, any
cursus -ūs .mcourse
desum -esse -fui -futurus lacking, to be missing
fuga -ae f.flight
impetus -ūs mattack
occurro -ere occurri, occursurus meet,
ordo -inis m.order, formation, rank
pauci -ae -aa few
perturbo -are -avi -atusto disturb, to confuse, to throw into confusion
polliceor -ēri pollicitus sumto promise
pristinus -a -umformer, original, previous
quicumque, quaecumque, quodcumquewhichever, whatever
servo -are -avi -atusto save, preserve
signum i n.signal, sign, standard
singularis -is -esingle, one at a time. individual, unusual
subsidium i n.assistance, aid
uterque, utraque, utrumqueeach (of two), both
vero truth, truly, indeed, however

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