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ER 66 A,B,C, Mastery vocabulary - (copy)

anima-ae f.soul, darling
carus -a -umdear (to), beloved
metuo, metuere, metui, metutusto fear, to be afraid of
modestus -a -ummodest, restrained,under control
suavis -is -esweet
bellus -a -umpretty, attractive
diripio, diripere, diripui, direptusto lay waste, plunder, ransack
fames, famis, fhunger, starvation, famine
honestus -a -umrespectable, honorable
ops, opis f.power; riches; aid, help
praesentia -ae f.presence
valeo, valere, valui, valiturusto be strong, be well
vereor, vereri, veritus sumto be aftaid, fear
persequor, persequi, persecutus sumto follow, pursue
equidemcertainly, surely
hortor -ari -atus sumto encourage, urge
potestas, potestatis f.power, control; ability
se conferre (idiom)to return, go back; to take oneself
censeo, censere, censui, censusto be of the opinion, think, advise
studium -i n.eagerness, enthusiasm, support

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