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Song of War, 08

īdem, eadem, idemthe same
imāgō, imāginis, f.likeness, mask; image, shape, vision
immānis -is, -esavage, brutal; frightful; of enormous size, huge
imperium -ī, n.empire, power
īmus -a, -umlowest, bottommost; lowest part of, bottom of; deepest, innermost
incendō, incendere, incendī, incēnsusto burn, set on fire
īnstō, īnstāre, īnstitīto set foot on; to press on; to loom, threaten
īra -ae, f.anger
is, ea, idhe, she, it; this, that
iste -a, -udthat; such; this
Ītalia -ae, f.Italy
iubeō, iubēre, iussī, iussusto order, bid
Iūlus -ī, m.Iulus
iussum, n.command, order
iuvenis, iuvenis, m.young man
lābor, lābī, lāpsus sumto slip, fall, stumble
lacrima -ae, f.tear
laetus -a, -umhappy, glad
latus, lateris, n.side; flank
lātus -a, -umbroad, wide; wide-open, gaping; extensive, widespread
longus -a, -umlong
lūx, lūcis, f.light
maneō, manēre, mānsī, mānsūrusto remain, stay; to await
mare, maris, n.sea
metus -ūs, m.fear
misceō, miscēre, miscuī, mixtusto mix, stir up, throw into confusion
mittō, mittere, mīsī, missusto send, let go
mōns, montis, m.mountain, hill
incipio, -ere incēpi, inceptusto begin
crudelis, -is, ecruel
cursus, -ūs, m.running, rushing; journey, course
dea, -ae, f.goddess
demitto, demittere, demisi, demisssusto send, let down, lower
desero, deserere, deserui, desertusto leave, abandon
dextra, -ae, f.right hand
dies, diei,
dolor, doloris, m.grief, pain
dolus, -i, m.trick
donum, -i,
cedo ere cessi cessurus+dat. to yield to, give in to
centuma hundred
cor cordis n.heart
dulcis -is -esweet, fresh, delightful, dear

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