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Song of War, 03 (20+ appearances)

labor -oris, toil, task; suffering
limen, liminis n.threshold, doorway
litus, litoris n.seashore, coast
locus -i
magnus -a, -umbig, great, large, loud
manus -ūs f.hand; band
medius -a, -ummid-, middle of
mens, mentis f.mind, heart; purpose, design; frame of mind, attitude; will
meus -a, -ummy, mine
miser -a, -umunhappy, miserable, wretched
moenia, moenium n. pl.walls
mors, mortis f.death
multus -a, -ummuch
natus -i m.son
nec conj.and...not
non adv.not
noster -tra, -trumour
nox, noctis f.night
numen, numinis n.divine power, divine will, divine sanction; divinity, godhead; divine presence
oculus -i m.eye
omnis -is -eall, every, each, the whole
os, oris n.mouth,face, expression
pater, patris m.father
pectus, pectoris n.chest, breast
perthrough, along, over, +acc.
peto, petere, petivi, petitusto seek, look for, aim at, attack
possum, posse, potui,to be able
sedes, sedis,, center; abode, home
sequor, sequi, secutus sumto follow
si, conj.if
sic, adv.thus, in this way
socius -i, m.companion, comrade; partner, colleague; ally
sto, stare, steti, staturusto stand
sub, abl.under, beneath; down in, down to; up to
sum, esse, fui, futurusto be
summus -a, -umvery great, the greatest, the top of, highest, supreme
talis -is, -esuch, like this, of this kind
tantus -a, -umso great, such a big
tum, that moment, then

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