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Amores I.3

praedor, -are, -atus sumto acquire loot, plunder; to take as plunder
deservio, deservireto devote oneself, serve
commendo, -are, -avi, -atusto entrust; to recommend
auctor, auctoris, m.originator, founder
eques, equitis, m.horseman; knight, equestrian
tempero, -are, -avi, -atusto exercise restraint; to moderate, control
sumptus, -us, m.the spending of money, expenditure
parcus, -a, -umthrifty, economical
repertor, repertoris, m.discoverer, inventor
simplicitas, simplicitatis, f.unity; simplicity, sincerity; lack of sophistication, ignorance
desultor, desultoris,
perennis, -is, -elasting through the years, eternal
contingo, contingere, contigi, contactusto come into contact with, touch; it falls to, is granted to
provenio, provenire, proveni, proventurusto come forth, be produced
exterreo, exterrere, exterrui, exterritusto frighten, terrify
flumineus, -a, -umriver
adulter, adulteri, m.illicit lover, adulterer
pontus, -i, m.sea, ocean
iuvencus, -i, m.young bull, bullock
varus, -a, -umbent outwards, curving

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