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- VERBS - Sum and possum present, imperfect, perfect

sumI am
esyou are
esthe is
sumuswe are
estisyou are
suntthey are
possumI am able, I can
potesyou are able, you can
potesthe is able, he can
possumuswe are able, we can
potestisyou are able, you can
possuntthey are able, they can
eramI was
erasyou were
erathe was
eramuswe were
eratisyou were
erantthey were
poteramI was able, I could
poterasyou were able, you could
poterathe was able, he could
poteramuswe were able, we could
poteratisyou were able, you could
poterantthey were able, they could
fuiI was, I have been
fuistiyou were, you have been
fuithe was, he has been
fuimuswe have been, we were
fuistisyou were, you have been
fueruntthey were, they have been (long mark over the e)
potuiI was able, I could
potuistiyou were able, you could
potuithe was able, he could
potuimuswe were able, we could
potuistisyou could, you were able
potueruntthey were able, they could (Long mark over the e)

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