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Catullus and Ovid III

These words occur ten or more times in the AP selections of Catullus and Ovid.

nenot to; so that . . . not
nox, noctis f.night
teneo -ere, tenui, tentusto hold, to keep
fero, ferre, tuli, latusto carry, to bear, to say
ago, agere, egi, actusto drive, do , conduct, throw, be engaged in
alter, altera, alteruma second, one or the other
antebefore, in front of
arbor, arboris f.tree
aura, -ae f.breeze, wind
carmen, carminis, poem; incantation
cera -ae f.wax, a writing-seal; seal
certus -a -umfixed, definite, sure, unerring
cor, cordis n.heart;cordi esse -please, be dear to
corpus, corporis n.body
cura -ae f.anxiety, concern, care
dedown from, from; about, concerning
domus -ūs and i, home, family
dulcis -esweet
dumas long as; while; provided that
eo, ire, ivi or ii, itusto go
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsusto trick, deceive, mislead; err
inin, on; into, onto, against
is, ea, idhe, she, it; that
levis-elight,gentle, trivial, shallow, insignificant
lumen, luminis n.light, day; eye
manus -ūs f.hand; band of men
medius, -a -ummiddle of, in the middle of
modoonly, just
mollis -esoft, mild, languid, voluptuous
nomen, nominis; reason, purpose
oculus -i m.eye
opus, operis; that which needs to be done
os, oris n.mouth; face countenance
osculum -i n.kiss
parens, parentis m/fparent
parvus - a-umsmall, little
pater, patris m.father

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