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Song of War, 20 (5 to 9 appearances)

obstipesco, obstipescere, obstipuito be dumbstruck, stunned, astounded
offero, offerre, obtuli, oblatusto present, offer, provide
Olympus, -i, m.Mt. Olympus; sky, heaven
omen, ominis, n.omen, augury, sign
omnipotens, omnipotentisall-powerful, omnipotent
ostium, -i, n.door; opening; mouth
Pallas, Palladis, f.Pallas, Minerva
palma, -ae, f.palm
par, parismatching, equal; similiar, like
pasco, pascere, pavi, pastusto feed, pasture
passimwidely scattered, here and there; in every direction
pateo, patere, patuito open up, be open, lie open; to be visible, be revealed
pax, pacis, f.peace
penates, penatium, m.Penates
pendeo, pendere, pependito be suspended, hang; to hang down
penitusfrom within; far within, deep down; far
pereo, perire, perii, periturusto die, perish
Pergama, -orum, n.Pergama, Troy
pergo, pergere, perrexi, perrecturusto make one's way, move on, proceed
Phrygius, -a, -umPhrygian, of Phrygia; Trojan
pius, -a, -umdutiful, worshipful
portoto carry
portus, -ūs, m.harbor, port
posco, poscere, poposcito ask for, demand

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