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Colby 3a

auxilium, -li, n.aid, help; reenforcements
barbarus, -a, -umforeign, barbarian
bellum, -i, n.war
beneficium, -ci, n.kindness
biduum, -i, n.two days
bini, -ae, -atwo at a time, two each
bonus, -a, -umgood
brevis, -eshort
cado, -ere, cecidi, casurusfall
caedes, -dis, f.slaughter
caedo, -ere, cecidi, caesuscut down; kill
calamitas, -atis, f.disaster
campus, -i, m.plain
capio, -ere, cepi, captustake, capture
captivus, -i, m.captive
caput, itis, n.head
castellum, -i, n.fort
castra, -orumcamp
casus, -us, m.chance; accident
causa, -ae, f.cause, reason
causafor the sake of
cedo, -ere, cessi, essurusgo, go away; give way, yield
celer, -eris, -ereswift
censeo, -ere, -ui, censusestimate; think; decide; vote
centuma hundred
centurio, -onis, m.centurion; captain

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