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Catullus and Ovid VI

These words occur six to ten times in the AP selections of Catullus and Ovid.

nego -are -avi -atusto say not, deny, refuse
solus -a -umalone, only, lonely
superover, above; more, besides
moveo, movere, movi, motusto move
redeo, redire, redii, reditusto return
sol,solis m.sun
quaero -ere, quaesivi, quaesitusto seek, to look for, to ask
bonus -a -umgood; of "good" social standing
digitus -a -umfinger
interbetween, among
eripio -ere, eripui, ereptusto snatch away, remove
nequiquamin vain, to no purpose
requiro -ere, requisivi, requisitusto ask about, inquire, seek;miss
aequor, aequoris n.sea, surface of the sea; a smooth expanse
altus -a -umhigh, deep; loud
aqua -aewater
bellus -a -umpretty, nice, fine , charming
caelum -i, heavens
caput, capitis n.head
dolor, doloris m.pain, distress
durus -a -umhard;harsh, pitiless; dull; wooden
ferus -a -umwild, untamed; savage
iaceo -ere iacuito lie, recline
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussusto order, bid
licetit is permitted, it is allowed
velor; even
frango -ere fregi, fractusto break
hospes, hospitis m.guest, friend, visitor; stranger
hostis, hostis m.enemy
linquo -ere liquito leave, quit
mons, montis m.mountain

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