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Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 3

ex, e (+ abl.)out of, from, according to
facio, facere, feci, factus, -a, umto do, to make, to perform; to grant, to offer; to suppose
fama, famae f.fame, report, reputation
fatum, fati n.fate, destiny, doom; oracle
fero, ferre, tuli, latus, -a, umto bear, to endure; to wear; to report, to say
ferrum, ferri n.iron; sword, weapon, tool
fessus, fessa, fessumtired, weary, feeble, worn
finis, finis m. (sometimes f.)end, limit, forder; country; goal; starting place
flamma, flammae f.flame, fire, torch; love
fluctus, fluctūs m.wave, tide, flood, sea
for, fari, fatus, -a, -umto speak, to say, to tell, to utter
fors, fortis f.chance, fortune
fortuna, fortunae f.fortune, chance, luck
fuga, fugae f.flight, haste, exile, speed
fugio, fugere, fugi, --to flee (from), escape, shun
fundo, fundere, fudi, fusus, -a, -umto pour (out),, shed; lay low, slay, rout
furo, furere, furui, --to rage, to rave, to be frantic
futurus, futura, futurumfuture, destined, impending, about to be
geminus, gemina, geminumtwin, double, two
genitor, genitoris m.begetter, father, sire
gens, gentis f.clan, race,nation, herd
genus, generis n.birth, origin, race; descendant; kind, family
habeo, habere, habui, habitus, -a, -umto have, to hold; to consider
haudnot, by no means, not at all
heualas!, ah!, ah me!
hīchere, there
hic, haec, hocthis, that; he, she, it
hincfrom this place, hence, thence
honos, honoris m.honor, glory, reward; offering
hucto this place, hither, here
idem, eadem, idemsame, the same
ignis, ignis, flame, light, lightning, star; passion, love, fury, wrath

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